Unit Structure

Reporting to the 13th Sector Army under Jedi General Bas Minh, the 248th Desolation Company operates out of the Republic Venator 'Victory', and works in tandem with several discrete sections tasked as support elements. A Clone Medical Corps detachment is attached to the infantry and operates alongside them during operations, but maintains a separate command structure which reports to the ranking medic, as does Arcadia Squadron. All sections report to the Company Captain.


TIS = Time in Service (Cumulative time spent active in unit)
TIG = Time in Grade (Time spent active at current rank)

Example: To reach Senior Clone Trooper, one must have been a Clone Trooper (CT) for 35 days and have been active in the unit for 40 days, and will be promoted at the next main operation they attend. If someone delayed completing their BCT and had 50 days Time in Service, but only 34 days as a Clone Trooper, they are not yet elligible for promotion. A requirement of 'Merit' means the promotion is not automatic and requires a trooper to earn the promotion through conduct.

At command discretion, Meritorious Promotions of one rank may be authorized for exceptional conduct and professionalism. 

Serpent Platoon - Infantry

Enlisted Ranks

Abbreviation Rank Requirement
CR Clone Recruit Enlist in the unit
CDT Clone Cadet Complete Basic Combat Training
CT Clone Trooper Complete one main operation
CTS Senior Clone Trooper TIG 35/TIS 40
CTF Clone Trooper First Class TIG 40/TIS 60 
CSP Clone Specialist TIG 40/TIS 100 

NCO Ranks

Abbreviation Rank Requirement
CLC Clone Lance Corporal Billeted as Fireteam Leader
CPL Clone Corporal TIG 50/TIS 100
CSG Clone Sergeant Billeted as Squad Leader
CSS Clone Staff Sergeant Merit 
CSM Clone Sergeant Major Billeted as Platoon XO


Clone Medical Corps (CMC)

Enlisted Ranks

Abbreviation Formal Rank Requirement
CMC Clone Medical Cadet Complete Medical Training
CM Clone Medical Trooper Merit, Shadow Medic 2 operations, Pass Certification
CMS Senior Clone Medical Trooper TIG 40/TIS 60 
CMF Clone Medical Trooper First Class TIG 45/TIS 100 
CMSP C.M.C. Specialist Merit 

 NCO Ranks

Abbreviation Rank Requirement
CMT C.M.C. Technician Billeted as Platoon Medic
CMP C.M.C. Corporal TIG 55/TIS 130
CMSG C.M.C. Sergeant Billeted as Company Medic 
CMSS C.M.C. Staff Sergeant Closed at this Time


Arcadia Squadron

Abbreviation Rank Requirement
WO1 Clone Warrant Officer 1 Enlist as a Clone Pilot
CW2 Clone Chief Warrant Officer 2 TIG 40/TIS 60
CW3 Clone Chief Warrant Officer 3 TIG 50/TIS 130 
CW4 Clone Chief Warrant Officer 4 Merit
CW5 Clone Chief Warrant Officer 5 Merit


Command Ranks

Abbreviation Rank Requirement
CSL Clone Second Lieutenant Billet as Platoon CO
CL Clone First Lieutenant Billet as Company XO
CC Clone Captain Billet as Company CO
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em