Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)

The Confederacy of Independent Systems was once a Separatist movement which felt that the centralized Republic produced too much interference in Galactic affairs. Supported by large organizations such as the Trade Federation and Technounion, as well as disenfranchised worlds such as Geonosis and Serenno, the Confederacy has risen to Galactic Power. Under Confederate rule, planetary governments are less regulated, corporations have been granted more power, and planets are responsible for their own affairs and territories. This has allowed powerful Criminal Syndicates to rise to power within the vacuum of power.

The primary military of the Confederacy is the Confederate Droid Army, comprised of approximately 13 quintillion automated soldiers, aircraft, and support droids, with organics placed in positions of command authority or elite task forces.

Notable Factions:


3rd Droid Special Warfare Division
19th Droid Air Wing
Task Force Nova

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