About 248th Desolation Company

The 248th Desolation Company is an active semi-serious, lore driven Starsim community based on an alternate storyline where the Confederacy of Independent Systems won the Clone Wars. With the Republic now in dire straits after the loss of strategic worlds and resources, remaining forces must regroup and retake the galaxy. Each operation impacts the narrative, and success or failure may impact the resources of the unit and the Republic war effort.

Our unit is comprised of multiple sections:
Saber: Our infantry section, divided into Broadsword, Dagger, and Messer.
Arcadia Squadron: Our clone pilot division, whether Starfighter, Transport, or the Centurion Armor section.

If you would like to enlist, click 'Enlist Today' under recruitment to get started, or join our Discord here to speak to a recruiter.

For the Republic!
Clan News

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